Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nick Clegg

Lovely youtube clip here.

As long as our students are as perceptive and thought out as this young lady is, the future of the country is in good hands. Obvious clear grasp of all the issues, arriving at an insightful and thought through conclusion after taking into account all the factors at play - and all delivered with admirable brevity; Nick Clegg is in fact a liar and a twat...

It’s not just that all those who voted Liberal now find themselves to have voted Tory. It’s not just that he will be party to sacking hundreds of thousands of public servants after  first slashing their compensation and redundancy terms. 

What pushes the twat-o-meter to new levels is the quality of the barefaced and shameless reneging on promises to students after blatantly courting their vote with pledges to reduce and then abolish tuition fees .

It’s not even sleazy.

Our student is absolutely bang on - and it's a good point well made.

Nick Clegg is, quite simply, a lying twat...

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