Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I like Billy Bragg

How nice to see Billy Bragg in town at the Occupy Sheffield camp outside the cathedral. 

What a decent bloke he is...

It made feel a bit wistful. I remember the 1984 pit strike very well, and Billy had a part in it for me. I was unemployed and living in Barnsley at the time and all the male side of my extended family worked for the NCB (National Coal Board).The whole thing was a proper education, what with the with incredible scenes of civil unrest and everything else that was gong on.

I lived in a shared house then and one of the few records we had was 'Brewing up with Billy Bragg'. It was played to death, partly because we had nowt much else, but it was perfect for the time. For me the whole year long strike seemed to be played out with Billy's album as a sound track.

He looks older these days.

And so do I.

But it's just typical of him to turn up to lend the Occupy Sheffield protest his support. He sang a few songs, and patiently dealt with all the press so that the camp received the maximum publicity he could give them.

I don't have many heroes....